View Park Hotel Set to Celebrate 10 Years of Making Memories

10 years is a milestone, a time to look back at humble beginnings and move forward to accomplish bigger and better things. And this is exactly where View Park Hotel Tagaytay stands in 2017. Come November, View Park Hotel Tagaytay celebrates the big 10 and before you get a peek at what’s in store for guests and friends, let us pull up significant memories from the past decade. After all, the hotel is about helping you make great memories happen.

View Park Hotel Tagaytay started quite humbly when the owners transformed a simple two-storey house into a small, intimate hotel. John and Jonmark Ong, the father-and-son hotelier duo, clearly envisioned that the hotel’s convenient location (right along the main road and opposite popular landmark Picnic Grove) in the quieter part of Tagaytay will be perfect for people searching for a relaxing stay. Sans the hustle and bustle. At very reasonable prices that even regular folks can indulge.








And their vision was spot on. Over the next 10 years since they first welcomed guests in November 14, 2007, View Park Hotel Tagaytay has grown from 19 rooms to 41, including spacious suites and larger group rooms with complete amenities. The area has also expanded to include a gazebo (popularly requested for dinner date setups), a pool, spa, KTV room, garden (a favorite venue for romantic weddings), a conference room and business meeting spaces. It has hosted a great number of private celebrations and corporate events. Growth continues with the ongoing construction to offer more rooms and a bigger events place.

Siglo by VPHWhile guests clearly appreciate the facilities, good food has also kept people coming back. Loyal patrons have fond memories of the hotel restaurant Red Lemon Grill and its array of well-priced Filipino dishes but Jonmark Ong wanted to push the envelope further. His goal: to offer heritage dishes from all over the Philippines under one roof. Thus Siglo Modern Filipino took place of pride as the in-house restaurant of View Park Hotel Tagaytay , inviting you to travel the Philippines through food. You may even take home a variety of items, both food and non-food, at the souvenir shop, Siglo Sari-Sari. As the name implies, you will find different types of trinkets and snacks from different regions of the country. Say for example, the popular barrel man from Baguio.

Siglo Modern Filipino interior

Siglo Modern Filipino interior

One thing remains consistent however in the decade that the hotel has been helping people build lasting memories: friendly, excellent service. In fact, some of the people occupying key positions have been on board since day 1. As the personnel has grown to accommodate the expansion, a direct response to the steadily growing needs of the clientele, they remain rooted in their memory-making goal. With that in mind, View Park Hotel Tagaytay has lined up exciting activities and special promotions for their guests. Like couple-centric packages available year-round, a Halloween theatre show to highlight the incredible production skills of the staff and the big anniversary celebration in November, to name a few.

Yes, 10 years is reason to celebrate and 2017 is off to a good start at View Park Hotel Tagaytay.

View Park Hotel 10 Years

View Park Hotel 10 Years

To find out more about what’s in the pipeline as View Park Hotel Tagaytay prepares for its 10-year-celebration, please contact 0922-8851516 (Sun), 0999-8839460 (Smart, Viber ready), 0917-5446396 (Globe), 584-4090 (Manila line) and 046-4130862 (Cavite line). View Park Hotel Tagaytay is conveniently located right across Picnic Grove.

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