Surviving Heartache with Grace

A recent Facebook post about a beautiful girl, Karla Bonifacio who chose to remember her failed almost 8-year relationship with love and gratitude, instead of acrimonious ranting and bitterness (which seems to be a common trend in social media), resonated with a lot of people. We were not surprised her story went viral. And we were inspired as well to put together a list of positive, heartwarming actions to deal with sadness and the loss of someone you love especially if you had no control over the relationship ending.
Remember the good times. Let’s take a page off Karla’s story and choose to be thankful about all the good things that happened before the breakup. That means not avoiding the places you frequented as a couple. That means not avoiding the people you were both close to. And yes, if you are so inclined, it can also mean not deleting photos and posts of those happy times.
Images via Facebook

Images via Facebook

Stay beautiful because you’ve always been just that. No need to enroll in gym membership or a crash diet program or an extreme makeover. All of those things can be quite effective but not if the motivation is to be better because he or she made you feel ugly or bad about yourself. There’s nothing to change, honey, because you are just fine.
Spend time with people who have always had your back. Call them, chat with them, arrange lunch dates, visit the salon as a group, watch movies together. The list of fun stuff you can do with the people who truly love you is endless. Doesn’t matter if you may have neglected them because you were a bit busy. They are always ready to welcome you back with open arms. Now that’s true love.
Spend time with people you love. (c) DailyQuotes -

Spend time with people you love.
(c) DailyQuotes –

Travel, eat well. Of course, we’ve reserved the best positive act for last. Have an adventure, we even dare you to go solo. And all adventures involve a bit of traveling and indulging in good food and drinks. If this gives you the hives, relax. Take baby steps. Book a stay in a relaxing place not too far from home. Beautiful, cool Tagaytay is ideal for some serous me-time. And you definitely don’t need your ex’s wheels to get there. travel-feat-01192015-600x350
If you are coming out of a painful breakup after a long-term relationship with your chin up, we salute you. The world has enough negativity as it is. If we choose to hold hands and bolster one another, that is love in its purest form. And thank God for that!
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