Surprise Your Bae! The Ultimate Guide to Throw a Surprise Party

Surprising someone takes time, sufficient preparation and a bit of moxie. Now if you are set to spring one on your bae, that would make the job a little trickier. Your bae knows you very well and will likely be with you, literally. It might be hard to surprise the person who tends to stick to you 24/7. So how to spring a surprise party for the person who deserves to be feted?
First, decide on a theme that you are absolutely certain he or she will love. Who knows what bae likes best than you? Will it be glam retro or nostalgic 80’s or even her favorite Hello Kitty? If your bae is like mine (too many likes in her list), relax. That just means more ideas for future (surprise) parties.
Best of the 80's

Best of the 80’s

Second, pin a date. Best to consult the availability of all the people who must be physically in the party. While weekends are usually convenient for people to take a break from work or school, securing a venue — especially the most sought after ones — should be done waaaaay ahead of time. Like six months, minimum. Weekdays on the other hand, may pose the difficulty of mobility for guests due to the current traffic situation. But I go back to what I said first, get the date when the people who matter can show up.
Save the date for the party!

Save the date for the party!

Next, find the perfect venue. It could be the place most memorable for bae. Or someplace she has been raring to visit. Or even one so unexpected (like the zoo or an abandoned warehouse) that it will be worth the gulat factor. Remember what I said in point number two? Reserve the place waaaaaay ahead of time. If nailing a place is driving you bonkers, hold the party at home. Or in a friend’s spacious backyard garden. Then you will have no problem with space and how long the party can go on. Just make sure to follow village rules regarding noise after dark.
Choose a perfect venue.

Choose a perfect venue.

Then comes the fun part: food, decor and music. All of them can be strictly DIY if you and your pals willing to help are the creative, or gutsy, types. You can even assign people to specific tasks, in strict confidence of course. If not, best to hire pros for the job. When you delegate, bae will not get suspicious that you are planning something. And yes, make sure that these fun parts somehow connect to the surprise party’s theme.
Buffet pleaseee.

Buffet pleaseee.

Lastly when everything is set in place, take the necessary steps to ensure that bae attends her party. That could mean bribing teachers, bosses, bae’s family and all the other people to help you pull it off. Personally, what worked for me was that we celebrated her birthday with a romantic dinner for two. The complete works. Then exactly four days letter, her boss (who was in on the plan) sent her on an urgent errand (fictitious naturally) to the company work site all the way to Tagaytay where I have set up the party inside an ordinary looking tent. She never saw it coming (pat on the back).
Make sure, she's coming! ;)

Make sure, she’s coming! ;)

Sounds fun, right? So get on right to it and let us know how you setup your bae’s surprise party.
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