Stress-Busting Spa Experience at View Park Hotel Tagaytay

One of the better ways to beat stress, as recommended by friends who are used to treating this semi-permanent body condition, is through a good massage. For a relative neophyte, the different types of massages available can be perplexing to understand. Is Shiatsu more effective than Swedish? Or how about the traditional Filipino massage or hilot? Then again, another friend swears by the merits of Thai massage.

Fortunately, View Park Hotel Tagaytay takes away all the guess work by providing a combination of all four popular massage types in 50 minutes of relaxation. Their Signature Massage effectively melts away the tiredness of the muscles, the stiffness in the joints and yes, the body pains that come with having a job and taking on everyday challenges.

The long strokes typical of the Swedish technique prepares the body and relaxes it. The pressure applied to specific areas, including the toes and fingers are surprising and yet soothing afterwards. The tingling sensation i have felt for quite some time on the tips of my fingers, palms and soles of the feet disappeared for the first time. This massage type, Shiatsu, is effective especially for regulating the nerves. Thai massage is characterized by stretches and pulls, very effective for stiff limbs.

Traditional hilot techniques target common pain areas like the shoulders, back and neck. My spa therapist explained that when the body perspires then cools down, this can often lead to pain localized in the aforementioned areas.

With the quiet atmosphere, soft music (birds were chirping), fresh scent of the eucalyptus body oil and the impeccably clean elegance of the hotel’s spa, it was the best stress-busting 50 minutes I have ever spent. The next best thing was the tarragon tea served to all spa guests. Aromatic and well flavored, I almost finished the entire teapot! Now I know where to get the best treatment for my perpetually aching shoulders and back. And I get to tell my friends where they can have four massage types for one session, at one rate. Walk-in guests are welcome at View Park Hotel’s Spa and staying guests enjoy a discount.

The Spa at View Park Hotel Tagaytay is open daily from 1:00pm to 10:00pm. To book your Signature Spa, contact 0922.885.1516 (Sun), 0999.883.9460 (Smart, Viber ready), 0917.544.6396 (Globe), 584.4090 (Manila line) and (046)413.0862 (Cavite line).

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