How to Survive Valentine’s if You’re Single (but Happy)

Over the years and with the increasing power of social media, it has become progressively difficult to spend a quiet Valentine’s Day alone. By choice. I mean, even past the meddling of well-meaning Titas who have made it their mission to set up dates for their remaining single niece (me), I get bombarded at every turn with cheesy and gorgeously photographed tableaus spawned by Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Not to mention romantic stories and ads from traditional magazines, newspapers and TV. It’s the 21st century and don’t we single women (and okay, men too) deserve to enjoy this day too?
So in the interest of helping fellow singles, I have listed a few tips on how to survive the most romantic day of the year with a big smile.
Go on a personal food adventure. I have never minded dining alone. Especially if I have a good book on hand. Savoring food and taking my time is one of the world’s greatest pleasures. And I don’t have to deal with a man whining about trying a new restaurant that didn’t meet his expectations. So if you’ve always wanted to try that new organic vegetarian place, go solo. And if I don’t want to share the Crispy Sisig, no one will complain.
Pinakbet Con Bagnet

Look at this delectable dish! According to our EnSIGLOpedia, Pinakbet is an indigenous Filipino dish from the northern regions of the Philippines, it is made from mixed vegetables steamed in fish or shrimp sauce. The word is the contracted form of the Ilokano word pinakebbet, meaning “shrunk” or “shriveled”. Is this one of your favorites too?

Travel anywhere (on my own or with girl friends in similar situations). Ah yes, the freedom of packing my overnight bag and just traveling whenever the whim strikes. No one to answer to if I decide to eat a cow or cocoon inside my luxurious Presidential Suite. And so far, I have had the best adventures with no agenda all by myself. Like-minded friends are welcome to join the party anytime.

Presidential Suite Bed

Clean, cozy, comfortably king size bed at our Presidential Suite!

Shop, shop, shop. Valentine’s Day is as much reason to go shopping as birthdays and Christmases. I am a firm believer in self-love. So whip out the plastic and head to the mall. As long as I won’t go bankrupt, a well-timed purchase is the reward of working hard and enjoying life.

Shop shop shop

(c) Photo

Get a dog. Man’s best friend will love me unconditionally for 10 years or more. Regardless if I put on weight, burn dinner or cannot keep up with his marathon training. Until I find my SO (significant other), hugs and kisses from my furry love will be a great way to end the day.
Man's bestfriend

Man’s bestfriend(c) Photo

Stay home. Avoid the traffic, chaos and general madness associated with Valentine’s. But to make it more entertaining, throw a party at home with all your single friends. Ask them to bring the dish their exes detest which they can now enjoy. Watch chick flicks and swoon over Ryan (Gosling or Reynolds, whichever rocks your boat). Or have a sleepover to sample the latest mud packs and face masks out in the market. In other words, have fun with more than one of your favorite persons — right at home.


Now if you are happily one-half of a couple, congratulations and have a happy Valentine’s Day! Of course my suggestions are still doable if that is the case. I understand that it is double the fun when you get to do stuff with The One. As for me and perhaps many others like me, I will celebrate Valentine’s by pampering myself. After all, every person should be his or her own number 1 fan.
Valentines Day

Lovely couple celebrating Valentines Day at the Garden Area. #ThrowbackPhoto

I do (sincerely, fervently, madly) hope my loving Titas are also reading this.
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