Desserts Pinoy-style for Family Time with Balikbayans or When Balikbayan Relatives Insist on a Tagaytay Trip.

It was one of those days when we were full yet the craving to enjoy dessert made us look for a Filipino restaurant with an extensive dessert menu. The food preference was also to satisfy cravings of balikbayan relatives who wanted to visit Tagaytay before they jettied back home.
Thankfully, Siglo Modern Filipino was just across Picnic Grove (where, you guessed it, said relatives insisted on a picnic for old times’ sake). The colorful and comfortable interiors of Siglo also made it the perfect choice for us to linger over merienda. Just like enjoying family time at home.


We decided to try the restaurant’s new dessert items: Maruya with Barako Jelly. Native bananas (saba) coated in a special mixture of gelatin in Barako coffee flavor.
Siglo's special pinoy dessert, Maruya with Barako Jelly

Siglo’s special pinoy dessert, Maruya with Barako Jelly

Of course, the balikbayans had to have the Buko Halo-Halo Salad Special.

The quintessential Pinoy dessert with ube ice cream was served in a coconut shell, a move that had all my Titas exclaiming “Positively delightful!” In their posh British accents.
Buko Halo Halo Salad

This will be one of the Balikbayan’s favorite, the Buko Halo Halo Salad!

But hands down, my favorite Siglo dessert was Champorado Cookies with Tsaang Gubat.
Champorado or sticky rice and pure chocolate with cookies, paired with house blend tsaang gubat.
My uncles, aunts and cousins had a blast reminiscing family history. Capping our adventure with a tableful of Pinoy desserts made the inevitable goodbyes a bit more acceptable. Their promise to return to the Philippines at least once a year and share more adventures and food travels is something we will all look forward to as a family.
Definitely, Tagaytay will be the venue of future family reunions.
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